What next?

I did it! Found some vitality and completed the triathlon in Hyde Park in 1:56. Didn’t fall off my bike or slip on the run. It was pouring with rain for some of the time but I felt overjoyed to be able to take part and finish  the course with a smile on my face.

IMG_0010What next?

The culmination of the training and the fundraising for the MS Trust; the celebration event on the 20th June at 3pm preceded by the marathon Ekiden. Are you coming?

So far there are 8 people taking part in the Ekiden but happy for more to take part.We will split the distance up into roughly 4km stages. Doing shorter distance stages means participants may run faster so we can finish quicker! We aim to start at 11.30 and finish by 3.30,so we need to know what time participants can get here to run a stage (or more). All stages will start from and return to Petley Road. And if you aren’t planning to run but would like to help out then please let me know.

Those of you not running are expected at 3, so if you are lucky you will be able to see the end of the run!

Any questions?

Ask away.


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