Back in the swim (and the saddle).

Tooting Bec Lido

Tooting Bec Lido

Do I really have anything to say you might ask? After all, my blog was about my first and only marathon and that has not happened. And even my alternative plan to do an independent marathon is not going quite according to plan (more on that later). I have only really got back to ‘normal’ within the last fortnight. I am now able to resume my general activities without feeling totally wiped out.

So, am  in training for my first triathlon of the season at Hyde Park next weekend. Have managed to swim outdoors on a few occasions, at Tooting Lido, Serpentine Lake and in the sea at Worthing. Am feeling more acclimatised and am building up my putting -on-a wetsuit muscles. Haven’t done much cycling… have to hope that will be ok, but have managed some running over the last couple of weeks and can now run 5k again.

Nice cup of coffee after a cold swim

Nice cup of coffee after a cold swim

More importantly; the plan for the celebration event on June 20th. As I am not going to be able to run a whole marathon on my own, I am organising an Ekiden, which is a Japanese style long distance relay run.

In the Edo period of Japanese history (1603-1867), couriers traversed the Tokaido road between Edo (the historic name for Tokyo) and the imperial capital city of Kyoto — a distance of approximately 508K, to deliver messages. Nowadays, ekidens are a popular type of relay race. There is no specific ekiden distance or number of team members.

So, we will do a marathon ekiden as a team (or maybe two teams depending on numbers.) Various distances will be organised depending on who and how many. If you would like to take part please let me know. The Ekiden will take place before the tea ceremony at 3pm!

I like the idea that the Ekiden has a commitment to ‘we’, there is not an overall winner as such, it is all about the team working together. This is how the fundraising  has worked  too. It has been a real team effort and has to date raised a massive £6,678.40.



Delayed Gratification

‘Delayed gratification is one of the most effective personal traits of successful people. People that delay gratification are more successful with their career, relationships, health, finances and really, all areas of life.’(

I waited until yesterday to finally celebrate my birthday, a month after the official date. Lovely to have my family around me and have a delicious three-course meal cooked for me. But normally, I don’t go to work on my birthday so it wasn’t quite the same as the normal celebration. Lots of cards with inspiring messages…for the marathon, and treats for my post marathon recovery. I don’t plan to save them up for that long!

So, if I delay my marathon attempt till April 24th 2016, will it really be better? Hard to tell from where I am at the moment, still a bit fuzzy, like my birthday photograph. Can’t imagine ever being able to run a marathon or even train for one right now. Who was that person who did all that training?

Was told by the Doctor today that it can take about 8 weeks to full recovery.Good things come to those who wait, apparently.

A couple of people have congratulated me on raising so much (£6,173.40…and still counting) without even having had to run. I  just want to remind you that I did actually do quite a lot of running!

Obviously I am delaying the gratification of the full event because it will make me a better person.