Slowly starting over.

You may well have noticed that I did not run the marathon and you may perhaps also have noticed that my blog format has changed. It was becoming a struggle to find reasons for doing the marathon and I had assumed and in fact cleverly planned  that I wouldn’t have to find more than 20. I should today  have been talking about how my ‘first and only marathon’ went. It in fact became my ‘first and nearly marathon’, as one friend commented. The only marathon I have been through recently is the ‘ill marathon’ and I am not quite at the finish line of that one.

As for facts about MS there are plenty more and you can find them here.

I am making small steps to recovery. I did Park Run on Saturday. It felt good to be in the fresh air again. After the disappointment of not running London I had the high of at last being able to start all over again. Slowest time ever, but I was still the first (and only one) in my age category. As Paula Radcliffe said when you have huge disappointments it makes the  subsequent highs more euphoric.

And what about closure? It feels a bit like I planned a huge wedding and then did not turn up on the day. I need to find my own way of finishing off in style instead of just fading away. So as mentioned last time I will be celebrating my training and fundraising on June 20th; a run of some kind in the morning (?), Tea and scones at 3 and the official closure of the fundraising page.Let me know if you want to come-I won’t ask again!

What more can I tell you?

Fundraising total is £6,128.40 but there is still  more to come…




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