It’s going to be a busy weekend.

#16 reason for doing the London Marathon: It keeps me busy

#16 fact about M.S: is a ‘silent disease’ as many people with MS look no different from a healthy person as some symptoms, such as blurred vision, sensory problems, and chronic pain, are not visible

I am getting nervous. There are only 38 days to go and I am feeling a bit like I am walking on a knife-edge, or as my sister Frani says, I am dodging bullets. Different parts of my body shout out to me that running a marathon is not a good idea, but do I listen? No! I need to keep in good shape, not fall over and get to that start line; if I can get there I will make it to the end! I am spurred on by the phenomenal support of my friends and family. There is a lot going on this weekend…

Kate is organizing her gin evening on Friday night. Sadly I am not able to go as I have to be up early on Saturday to take part in an MS Trust team run from Canary wharf to Greenwich park and back (2 laps for me- about 14.9 miles)

On Sunday I am involved with the Petley Road Street Table sale, a great community event and fundraiser. All proceeds from my stall will go to MS Trust. Meanwhile over in Toronto, Frances, my big sister is organizing a 3k breakfast run which sounds most appealing.

On Monday it is Rick’s birthday. We are celebrating by going to The Adelaide Pub in Shepherds Bush for a quiz night organized by Susie.

I think by Tuesday I will be quite tired!



One thought on “It’s going to be a busy weekend.

  1. Love reading your weekly news, the whole event has taken on a life of it’s own and is keeping you going. You will be at that starting line and you will get going and be just fine, albeit in acute pain afterwards – so proud of you Julia

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