Goals,happiness and daffodils

#14 reason for doing the London Marathon: It’s good to have a goal

#14 fact about M.S: Canada has the highest rate of MS in the world

I have been thinking about goals. For me it has always felt important to have some kind of a goal going on, I suppose I think that having goals leads to a more fulfilled life. At times in my life, just getting out of bed every day was as much of a goal as I could manage, and sometimes that was a huge achievement! I was chatting to my godson Nick today. He is studying for his AS exams, one of which is philosophy so he questioned me on what a fulfilled life means? For me it probably means being happy and as any good philosopher would ask, he asked me, “So what is happiness?” Well for today, happiness felt like running on a crisp blue morning beside the river listening to uplifting music, and returning home to see daffodils (actually, dwarf narcissi) opening up in my window box and then having a good cup of coffee and a bowl of porridge. That all felt good. In the past I think a lot of my goals would have been about what my children were doing, so in fact not really goals for me at all, I suppose you might almost say they were hurdles rather than goals. At this stage in my life I can again think of my own personal goals and it could be for that reason I decided to do the marathon. This goal is just for me.

I have a lot of people to thank for helping me reach my fundraising goal. I have now raised more than £2000 on my fundraising page. And there is more to come…

Cousin Linda is on day 4 of her stop smoking fundraising month. She has promised to donate what she would have spent on cigarettes to the fundraising page. What a goal!(and what a gal!) She says “This is a challenge for me but i can do it !!” And, yes she can. She has £40 in the pot – and is wondering whether putting the patches over her mouth will help…how would she eat chocolate?

Looking forward to Christina, Katarina, Pico and Ed’s winetasting (or sniffing for me) on Friday evening.

Rick has galvanized his plans for a birthday bake-off…with Prosecco,..which I again won’t be drinking.


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