Better late than never?

#13 reason for doing the London Marathon: it will be fun (apparently)

#13 fact about M.S: An estimated 2,500,000 people in the world have multiple sclerosis.

You may have noticed I did not post on Wednesday as promised. It was difficult week training wise. On Monday I ran/walked 10 miles and felt great! What a difference a day makes; by Tuesday I was feeling unwell and on Wednesday took to my bed. My back hurt, my feet hurt my stomach hurt and it felt like doing a marathon was a terribly silly idea-it most probably is! I missed my scheduled run and also did not manage anything on Thursday (apart from going to work). Today I saw the physio who was quite encouraging and gave me some renewed confidence, while sticking needles into me and digging his sharp elbow into my hip. He’s good! If you need a physio click here.

But, fundraising is going well. I have passed the £2000 mark! Check out my page.

I had a fundraising supper with friends and raised £220, almost the biggest fundraiser so far, but eclipsed by Sam with his journalistic prowess and a donation of £250- actually £315.50 if you include the gift aid.

Raising a glass for MS Trust

Raising a glass for MS Trust

Still waiting to hear about the Oscar night fundraiser in the US. I stayed up till 1.30 to say hi to the party on San Juan Island, Washington. While they were all glitzed up for a fab afternoon/evening, sipping champagne, I was in my pyjamas, sipping cocoa and ready for bed. But I was so glad to be a part of what sounded like a fun and successful evening. My thanks to Courtney Steed-Oldwyn who masterminded the event, and to my lovely sister Boo-Boo, who represented me and read out my words.

Other events coming up…

My cousin Linda is giving up smoking, starting the 1st March. She is donating what she would be spending on cigarettes to the MS Trust, for the month of March.

School friend Kate is organising a Gin evening…oh my god I love gin and tonic…but no, I cannot indulge…as one of her invited guests said ‘Sounds lovely. Run 26 miles or spend an evening drinking gin? That’s a no brainer!’

I think she’s right


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