One day like this..running and singing

#12 reason for doing the London Marathon: I can indulge after the long runs

#12 fact about M.S: About 10% of people with MS are diagnosed with a form in which disability increases from the outset. This is known as primary progressive MS (Some people can have a persistent increase in disability whilst others may experience plateaux or a more gentle worsening of symptoms.

I like to do new things. I think that was one of my reasons for deciding to do the Marathon (was that one of my #?) So, another new experience I enjoyed this week was recording at Abbey road studios in London, yes, where the Beatles went and where Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was recorded…and I was in Studio 1 with the Gamesmaker Choir recording on Saturday and Sunday! I really couldn’t miss that one could I? It was a really unique experience. We sang; ‘Viva La Vida’, ‘I Vow to Thee My Country’ and ‘One Day Like This’. I have those songs on my i-pod so that i could practise while out running. I believe in multi-tasking.

But the downside to that was that on Monday when I was due to do my long run (2 hours -20 run/10 walk x4) I was really quite exhausted. Had been planning on a quiet weekend but I was on my feet more than I planned- that’s what you do when you are recording! Anyway I managed the run. I did 9 ½ miles. I had hoped to go further but at least I did it.

Quite a lot of fundraising activity this week, check how I am doing here

  • My sister Celia in Mexico raised £100 by setting up a ‘Guess Julia’s marathon time’ competition. The guesses range from 4:58:00 to 7:15:10 and I think that is about right, I will do it somewhere within that range!
  • Met my good friend Susie who is planning a quiz night later this month.
  • I held a lunch for friends from a previous job at WMSF. I ate as if I was running a marathon…and they have all pledged to donate to my page.
WMSF supporters at lunch

WMSF supporters at lunch

  • Next Sunday is Oscar night, well, night for us but day for those attending the amazing Oscar night fundraiser on San Juan Island, Washington, USA

All of this amazing activity and support is going to help support the MS Trust.

I am so impressed by the information, education and support that their website offers. Apparently, when Jill Holt (who set up the MS Trust in 1993 ) was first diagnosed with MS she was given a leaflet ‘About MS’ with a picture of someone in a wheelchair on it. Things are a little different now thank goodness.


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