Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration

#11 reason for doing the London Marathon: Not everyone can do that!

#11 fact about M.S: The majority of people with MS are diagnosed with the relapsing remitting form. This means they will have periods when symptoms flare up aggressively – known as a relapse an attack or an exacerbation – followed by periods of good or complete recovery – a remission.


Jo Fielder

I have good days and bad days. I know  that was what it was like for my mother with MS. Obviously not quite the same. On the bad days I hurt somewhere or in many places and I just feel that my body cannot cope. What am I doing to myself at my age? On the good days I just feel that those aches and pains are just a part of my body and how lucky I am that I can still put one foot in front of the other.

Inspiration..I read about Jo Fielder. After multiple sclerosis almost took away her ability to walk last year, Jo Fielder has now set herself the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon….MS changed her life overnight. …read more about her here .She really made me put my own challenge into perspective. I was so inspired that  I sponsored her, and I have never done that for a complete stranger before.I went to a London Marathon Expert day last Saturday. It was really useful, and I bought more running shoes. I just couldn’t resist them they were such a  bargain …and really comfy and I now have many years of running shoes sorted…or I can just use them for walking. Anyway, back to the point.Inspiration..Richard Whitehead was there. He is a British athlete. He runs with prosthetic legs, as he has a double through-knee congenital amputation. He holds the world record for athletes with a double amputation, in both the full and half marathon!! And then more Inspiration..Katherine Grainger CBE  was also there. She is a British rower and a 2012 Olympic gold medalist. She shared her experience of running the London Marathon for the first time in 2014. She was funny and realistic. She made it seem possible but hard!

I have struggled with the technical aspects of this blog, mainly adding the photos but I need to stop. my body is aching, telling me I have been sitting too long and I need to go and do some stretching.

Richard Whitehead

Richard Whitehead


Katherine Grainger


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