First Fab Fun Fundraiser Franklin style ….and new (f-ing pink) shoes



#11 reason for doing the London Marathon: I love the ‘Chariots of Fire ‘music

#11 fact about M.S: At present, there is no cure for MS but this certainly doesn’t mean that the symptoms of MS cannot be treated

Rachel Franklin wins the prize for organizing the first fundraiser (pictured) for my marathon charity. She invited the Bridge Watercolour group for lunch and they donated £55 to the fundraising page. Rachel said it was good fun and easy to do: just as fundraising events should be! Thank you all so much for your support.

Other fundraising in the pipeline..

My sister Frances (a lot of f’s today) is organizing The Margot James Memorial 4k run/walk for Multiple Sclerosis-followed by brunch in Toronto, unfortunately I will not be able to join in!

My husband Rick is planning a birthday bake off competition..I will be there

My good friend George is arranging a champagne sculpture auction..looking forward to that one

Check out my fundraising page here

And now for the shoes.

I spent over two hours in Sweatshop today looking for the perfect shoe. I think I tried on every possible pair, and some impossible pairs. My fingers are sore from doing up laces and I am exhausted from the extra running I did to try them all out. I ended up with the same shoes I already have, the Adidas Boost. Now the reason I was trying to find something new was that my physio said I needed something more supportive. But supportive has seemed to mean very uncomfortable so that has not worked for me. The problem with these shoes is that they are very, very PINK. PINK all over. Sarah tells me that really they are purple, but the label says PINK. Now, I have always tried to get anything but pink shoes, but my running shoe expert says I NEED TO GET OVER THAT. I am not the only one to have this relationship with pink running stuff for women I know. I read Alexander Heminsley’s book ‘Running like a girl’ and she had the same issue, and her advice? Get over it, Pink is only a colour.



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