Better late than never?

#13 reason for doing the London Marathon: it will be fun (apparently)

#13 fact about M.S: An estimated 2,500,000 people in the world have multiple sclerosis.

You may have noticed I did not post on Wednesday as promised. It was difficult week training wise. On Monday I ran/walked 10 miles and felt great! What a difference a day makes; by Tuesday I was feeling unwell and on Wednesday took to my bed. My back hurt, my feet hurt my stomach hurt and it felt like doing a marathon was a terribly silly idea-it most probably is! I missed my scheduled run and also did not manage anything on Thursday (apart from going to work). Today I saw the physio who was quite encouraging and gave me some renewed confidence, while sticking needles into me and digging his sharp elbow into my hip. He’s good! If you need a physio click here.

But, fundraising is going well. I have passed the £2000 mark! Check out my page.

I had a fundraising supper with friends and raised £220, almost the biggest fundraiser so far, but eclipsed by Sam with his journalistic prowess and a donation of £250- actually £315.50 if you include the gift aid.

Raising a glass for MS Trust

Raising a glass for MS Trust

Still waiting to hear about the Oscar night fundraiser in the US. I stayed up till 1.30 to say hi to the party on San Juan Island, Washington. While they were all glitzed up for a fab afternoon/evening, sipping champagne, I was in my pyjamas, sipping cocoa and ready for bed. But I was so glad to be a part of what sounded like a fun and successful evening. My thanks to Courtney Steed-Oldwyn who masterminded the event, and to my lovely sister Boo-Boo, who represented me and read out my words.

Other events coming up…

My cousin Linda is giving up smoking, starting the 1st March. She is donating what she would be spending on cigarettes to the MS Trust, for the month of March.

School friend Kate is organising a Gin evening…oh my god I love gin and tonic…but no, I cannot indulge…as one of her invited guests said ‘Sounds lovely. Run 26 miles or spend an evening drinking gin? That’s a no brainer!’

I think she’s right


One day like this..running and singing

#12 reason for doing the London Marathon: I can indulge after the long runs

#12 fact about M.S: About 10% of people with MS are diagnosed with a form in which disability increases from the outset. This is known as primary progressive MS (Some people can have a persistent increase in disability whilst others may experience plateaux or a more gentle worsening of symptoms.

I like to do new things. I think that was one of my reasons for deciding to do the Marathon (was that one of my #?) So, another new experience I enjoyed this week was recording at Abbey road studios in London, yes, where the Beatles went and where Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was recorded…and I was in Studio 1 with the Gamesmaker Choir recording on Saturday and Sunday! I really couldn’t miss that one could I? It was a really unique experience. We sang; ‘Viva La Vida’, ‘I Vow to Thee My Country’ and ‘One Day Like This’. I have those songs on my i-pod so that i could practise while out running. I believe in multi-tasking.

But the downside to that was that on Monday when I was due to do my long run (2 hours -20 run/10 walk x4) I was really quite exhausted. Had been planning on a quiet weekend but I was on my feet more than I planned- that’s what you do when you are recording! Anyway I managed the run. I did 9 ½ miles. I had hoped to go further but at least I did it.

Quite a lot of fundraising activity this week, check how I am doing here

  • My sister Celia in Mexico raised £100 by setting up a ‘Guess Julia’s marathon time’ competition. The guesses range from 4:58:00 to 7:15:10 and I think that is about right, I will do it somewhere within that range!
  • Met my good friend Susie who is planning a quiz night later this month.
  • I held a lunch for friends from a previous job at WMSF. I ate as if I was running a marathon…and they have all pledged to donate to my page.
WMSF supporters at lunch

WMSF supporters at lunch

  • Next Sunday is Oscar night, well, night for us but day for those attending the amazing Oscar night fundraiser on San Juan Island, Washington, USA

All of this amazing activity and support is going to help support the MS Trust.

I am so impressed by the information, education and support that their website offers. Apparently, when Jill Holt (who set up the MS Trust in 1993 ) was first diagnosed with MS she was given a leaflet ‘About MS’ with a picture of someone in a wheelchair on it. Things are a little different now thank goodness.

Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration

#11 reason for doing the London Marathon: Not everyone can do that!

#11 fact about M.S: The majority of people with MS are diagnosed with the relapsing remitting form. This means they will have periods when symptoms flare up aggressively – known as a relapse an attack or an exacerbation – followed by periods of good or complete recovery – a remission.


Jo Fielder

I have good days and bad days. I know  that was what it was like for my mother with MS. Obviously not quite the same. On the bad days I hurt somewhere or in many places and I just feel that my body cannot cope. What am I doing to myself at my age? On the good days I just feel that those aches and pains are just a part of my body and how lucky I am that I can still put one foot in front of the other.

Inspiration..I read about Jo Fielder. After multiple sclerosis almost took away her ability to walk last year, Jo Fielder has now set herself the challenge of climbing Mount Snowdon….MS changed her life overnight. …read more about her here .She really made me put my own challenge into perspective. I was so inspired that  I sponsored her, and I have never done that for a complete stranger before.I went to a London Marathon Expert day last Saturday. It was really useful, and I bought more running shoes. I just couldn’t resist them they were such a  bargain …and really comfy and I now have many years of running shoes sorted…or I can just use them for walking. Anyway, back to the point.Inspiration..Richard Whitehead was there. He is a British athlete. He runs with prosthetic legs, as he has a double through-knee congenital amputation. He holds the world record for athletes with a double amputation, in both the full and half marathon!! And then more Inspiration..Katherine Grainger CBE  was also there. She is a British rower and a 2012 Olympic gold medalist. She shared her experience of running the London Marathon for the first time in 2014. She was funny and realistic. She made it seem possible but hard!

I have struggled with the technical aspects of this blog, mainly adding the photos but I need to stop. my body is aching, telling me I have been sitting too long and I need to go and do some stretching.

Richard Whitehead

Richard Whitehead


Katherine Grainger

First Fab Fun Fundraiser Franklin style ….and new (f-ing pink) shoes



#11 reason for doing the London Marathon: I love the ‘Chariots of Fire ‘music

#11 fact about M.S: At present, there is no cure for MS but this certainly doesn’t mean that the symptoms of MS cannot be treated

Rachel Franklin wins the prize for organizing the first fundraiser (pictured) for my marathon charity. She invited the Bridge Watercolour group for lunch and they donated £55 to the fundraising page. Rachel said it was good fun and easy to do: just as fundraising events should be! Thank you all so much for your support.

Other fundraising in the pipeline..

My sister Frances (a lot of f’s today) is organizing The Margot James Memorial 4k run/walk for Multiple Sclerosis-followed by brunch in Toronto, unfortunately I will not be able to join in!

My husband Rick is planning a birthday bake off competition..I will be there

My good friend George is arranging a champagne sculpture auction..looking forward to that one

Check out my fundraising page here

And now for the shoes.

I spent over two hours in Sweatshop today looking for the perfect shoe. I think I tried on every possible pair, and some impossible pairs. My fingers are sore from doing up laces and I am exhausted from the extra running I did to try them all out. I ended up with the same shoes I already have, the Adidas Boost. Now the reason I was trying to find something new was that my physio said I needed something more supportive. But supportive has seemed to mean very uncomfortable so that has not worked for me. The problem with these shoes is that they are very, very PINK. PINK all over. Sarah tells me that really they are purple, but the label says PINK. Now, I have always tried to get anything but pink shoes, but my running shoe expert says I NEED TO GET OVER THAT. I am not the only one to have this relationship with pink running stuff for women I know. I read Alexander Heminsley’s book ‘Running like a girl’ and she had the same issue, and her advice? Get over it, Pink is only a colour.