One run at a time

#10 reason for doing the London Marathon: Age does not stop ambition

#10 fact about M.S: Most people diagnosed with MS will not need to use a wheelchair on a regular basis

Running is perhaps easier than blogging. One of the reasons I like to go out for a run is that I do not need to think. Or If I do think it doesn’t have to make any sense. Blogging is supposed to make some kind of sense, although this evening I am not sure it will…sorry about that.

Having said last week that I was slightly freaked out by meeting other MS Trust team runners, who all seemed more capable than me, I took on board the comment from a good friend to ‘grab the advice and run’ So I am trying hard to do just that. Whatever I manage to do is better than doing nothing. I am very much into one run at a time, not looking too far ahead. I see each run as an achievement in itself especially when the weather is cold and I am hurting somewhere (always!). Each blog is quite an achievement too. I think about things to say during the week and they seem really important or funny or interesting. When it comes to sitting and writing it isn’t quite so clear. I will keep at it , just like the running.

I am still having trouble with my shoes. My newest new pair rubbed dreadfully, although they felt better on my toes! But rubbing is definitely not good and so am going to go back to Sweatshop again and reconsider my options. Will I ever find the perfect shoe?

Fundraising activity is hotting up. Two new events on the horizon, an art show and a coffee morning. Photos to follow I hope. GREAT EXCITEMENT I have raised my first £10000.!!

Check out my fundraising page here.


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