New, new running shoes

#9 reason for doing the London Marathon: To know what it feels like

#9 fact about M.S: It is neither infectious nor contagious

I need to make this a quick one.

Having spent several hours today exchanging and buying new running shoes, as well as going for a run,doing my stretches (not enough) and a few (not enough) strengthening exercises, I feel I have devoted enough time to my running for today. But my resolution was to write my blog regularly each week, so I am going to do that!

I was at an MS Trust reception last night and was given advice by a nutritionist, physio and a seasoned marathoner. It was informative and enlightening and also rather scary. I was reminded of the feelings you get before you do exams when you dare to discuss  your revision strategies or lack of them to your fellow students. You discover that everyone else is doing so much more and seemingly so much better! I have to keep in my mind that everyone is running their own race in their own way.My way is the slow way.

The fundraising is moving onwards and upwards…but the website is under maintenance tonight so I cannot link it, but I think it is close to £1,000…Yipppeeee!


One thought on “New, new running shoes

  1. Hi Julia – grab the advice and run, it’s really important to glean info., from those that have had a go. As for your training, I returned to my yoga class and realised just how stiff I am, so resolved to carry out 5 downward dog this am and achieved only 3 hey!! need to keep going….. with my resolve that is. xxxx


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