New shoes and Beet Shots

#8 reason for doing the London Marathon: I can run on car free London roads

#8 fact about M.S: It is not a fatal condition

I am keeping up with my resolutions and I am feeling a lot better this week both physically and mentally. I really am making a big effort to eat better, am eating more protein and am enjoying using different grains in my meals. I have been eating less wheat and I definitely think that helps as I am feeling a lot less bloated. One of the other recommendations I was given was to take beet shots before a long run. To me, all the runs seem long but I have started to use them for any run over 50 minutes. They are apparently the endurance-boosting sensation of the last few years! Somehow I seemed to have missed out on that, although I have always been a big beetroot fan. So I will give it a try. What do I have to lose? Well, money I suppose. One thing about trying to keep healthy and keep running is that it seems so expensive!

I have also bought a new pair of shoes. For years I have been trying to buy black running shoes. It seems that women are only really allowed to have pink or purple running shoes. So I was quite amazed to be offered a pair of black Asics (Gel Kayano 21) at Sweatshop in Fulham. I had previously tried on the multi coloured pair and started to quite like them but after having moaned for so long that there were never any black ones I had to put my money where my mouth was and go for the black. I hate buying running shoes. It feels so difficult to get it right. I need something supportive and cushioned..but not too supportive and not too cushioned. I don’t want pink shoes and I don’t want ugly shoes! I am not entirely happy with the fit of the shoes and may need to take them back. With shoes fitted by the experts at Sweatshop you get a guarantee that ‘means you can run in your new store-fitted shoes for up to 30 days and if you’re not completely satisfied we’ll exchange them for a new pair, whatever the reason. We promise.’ So that gives me a bit longer to try them out.

Fundraising seems to be going well. Check out my page here

Exciting preparations for the 2nd Annual Red Carpet Oscar Party on February 22nd are underway in Friday Harbor Washington, USA . Courtney Oldwyn, the organizer writes. ‘This year we’re raising money for Multiple Sclerosis Research. All proceeds will be donated directly to MS research through Islander Booboo James’ sister Julia James who is running the London Marathon as a fundraiser for MS research. We’ve chosen to raise money specifically for research of Multiple Sclerosis as a way to honor our friend Chris Redelsperger who at age 27 was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, the most debilitating and under researched type of MS’

Additionally Rachel Franklin is organizing a soup and salad lunch for her Art Class and I have invited friends for a supper at home and asked them to donate what they would have paid in a restaurant to MS trust.

More fundraising news and updates on the effectiveness of Beet Shots next time


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