Resolutions and more…

#7 reason for doing the London Marathon: I can have sports massage

#7 fact about M.S: Everyone’s MS is different


It is so long since I last posted, that I feel quite embarrassed. Perhaps for some, my silence may have come as a bit of a relief. Perhaps you assumed I was no longer planning on running in April. I think I probably have had that thought in my mind over the last month and more. Can I really do this? Can I sustain the training? Can I avoid (serious) injury? Can I fulfil my fundraising commitments? I have kept up a modicum of fitness and managed to get through Christmas and New Year without totally over-indulging and now of course is the time for resolutions. So, I have resolved to be more positive! I will do this! I can do this and yes it will be hard.

So my resolutions are…

  • Eat better
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Keep training
  • Blog weekly
  • Fundraise
  • Run/ Walk the London Marathon

..and I am doing those now, in that order!

I am eating better. Have been given advice on good nutrition so am including a lot of beetroot into my diet. This is no hardship as I love beetroot. Am also cutting out wheat and trying new carbs such as buckwheat and amaranth. Have some new cookbooks with super healthy delicious recipes so am not feeling in any way deprived, just enjoying trying some new delicious dishes

I have also stopped drinking alcohol. I always do this in January and always look forward to how good it makes me feel! This year I will stay off the drink till after the marathon, which will be an extra achievement.

I am on week 2 of my official training plan. I am following a beginner’s run/ walk programme. I will run 3 times a week and also keep up my swimming and cycling when possible. Also have some weights and stretching and Pilates to fit in. I am finding the runs hard but I do at least feel I am recovering quickly so that must be a good sign. Have bought a new pair of running shoes today so am hoping to feel super springy when I go for my next run.

I will blog weekly!!

I have done no official fundraising since November. However, money is coming in. Check out my progress here

But, I do need to make more effort now that the race is looming. I will be chasing up all offers for fundraising activities offered (emails coming soon to my elite supporters…and please let me know if you would like to join them!)

I have been blown away from support from my family and friends in the U.S. Courtney Steed-Oldwyn who lives in Friday Harbor, Washington State is holding an Oscar Night party with proceeds to MS Trust. I so wish I could be there on the night as it sounds like it will be an amazingly fun event. My sister Boo- Boo will be there to represent me and I hope to Facetime while it is happening. Our Mother would have loved it! She was a real film fan and she also had many happy holidays times on San Juan Island. What a fitting tribute to her.

My son Sam was going to grow his beard and fundraise…he changed his mind about that! He has now offered his fee for a freelance article he is writing for the NUJ. I am so touched by his kindness.

More fundraising stories to come I hope. If you want to join in the fun, please let me know. Look at all the wonderful resources I have!

So, I am going to run/walk the London Marathon.According to

‘running a marathon is an inspiring and life-affirming event that will stay with runners forever.’

Will let you know…


One thought on “Resolutions and more…

  1. Hiya Julia and belated HNY greetings to you and your family. HOW exciting and I know you will achieve your goal. I needed a bit of a kicking so will talk to my local this week….
    keep up the good work, no alcohol… really impressed. Yes eat/ drink lots of beetroot.
    love susie jollyxxx


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