Long time no blog

#5 reason for doing the London Marathon:because there is no reason not to
#5 fact about M.S: It is a disease affecting the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord)

You may be wondering where I have been…blogwise and physically. Well, I have been away Went to Bruges one weekend, then to Liverpool. These trips did not involve any running or training as such although I  was doing a lot of walking and a lot of thinking about training.  However,my training is sort of on hold…have been dealing with a number of niggles that my physio assures me are not serious, but I find them a bit worrying as I would dearly love to start training injury free. This may just not be possible! I am getting to the gym to do strengthening, swimming and spin classes so hopefully as long as I can keep my fitness up I will be good to start training in earnest next month.

My fundraising activity for October was to count up all the random money in the jar in the kitchen. Rick and Sarah did start to do this for me..then Sarah decided it would be easier to get it done at the bank and she is going to do that for me, so you will to wait for the results of that…bet you are really excited!



So, now it is  is November!! (I have decided to rename it YESVEMBER. I need to be feeling more positive about my chances of completing this challenge!) My fundraising activity is to sell stuff on ebay..stuff that has been lurking under my desk for quite a while, so double whammy, de-clutter, raise money.

Check out how my fundraising is going here



2 thoughts on “Long time no blog

  1. Hi Julia,

    I’ve decided I’m going to have an Antipodean fundraiser for your very excellent adventure. Not sure what form it will take yet except that I won’t be running anywhere. It will probably involve eating and drinking and perhaps auctioning some must have items.

    Good luck with the training and I look forward to more bulletins. I will keep you informed of my progress too.

    Jessica x


    • Thanks Jessica, your support from so far away means a great deal to me. It certainly does feel like a very huge adventure. Let me know if you need any resources from/about MS Trust. jjxx


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