My Mother Margot

#3 reason for doing the London Marathon: My mother Margot

#3 fact about M.S:Multiple sclerosis is not inherited, but family members do have a slightly higher risk of developing MS

Weirdly, I forgot to say that my mum had M.S.
My mother Margot is not the main reason for me wanting to do a marathon. As you can see she is #3 reason. However once I decided I wanted to do one I could not stop thinking about her. When I thought about applying for a charity place it was really hard for me to think about doing it for any other cause than M.S. but, believe you me I tried hard! M.S. dominated my life from the age of about 10. It probably dominated my mum’s life for longer than that, but it was when I was 10 that she told me she had M.S. That was a conversation that I remember very clearly.

Obviously my mum could not have run a marathon. She did do a lot of running around though as she had 4 girls and she could not drive! Running was not really a ‘thing’ then, although weirdly enough I seem to remember that she was once seen by Dr. Roger Bannister…or am I making that up? My mother was an inspiration in that despite her illness she carried on as long as possible to do new things and to seek new experiences. She was helped in this by a totally devoted husband, my dad,’Mr James’. My parents travelled extensively, became involved with starting a charity, were active in their local community, went to the theatre, enjoyed exhibitions and more. But everything they did in my mum’s later life must have felt like training for a marathon as it required a huge amount of preparation, planning and pain.
My preparation, planning and pain are different, but like my mother, I have a loving and supportive family to help me.

I have a lot more I can say about my mother and I will!
I am running for the MS Trust
Find my donation page here

Margot 1


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