On the way to London 2015

I am doing the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April 2015. ( really …am I mad… Help!) So, I went to the Guoman hotel  by the Tower of London this afternoon to be part of the promo for next years London Marathon. Virgin money  are celebrating 5 years of sponsorship for the London Marathon. Richard Branson was there and London marathon director Hugh Brasher, but more importantly it was the first opportunity for me to meet other members of the MS Trust team….and it means I really am committed now! I have worn the T shirt and I have been in a photo…so I better start training. Actually, what I really need to do now is to get my left knee, right hamstring and my back in good working order so I can  start training in earnest! Also need to get my head around how I can fundraise effectively and have fun at the same time.   In future posts I will tell you about how my rehab is going, how my training gets underway and the many reasons  I have for finally decided to do a marathon, after always saying I would NEVER do one! mstrustphoto


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