Paula and I have a busy week

#2 reason for doing the London Marathon: Because I can…I hope

#2 fact about M.S: More women then men are diagnosed with MS

It has been a very busy week for me , much work, not much rest and a very good play,Every Brilliant Thing … and I am  sure Paula Radcliffe has had a busy week too….but we have more in common than that. We are both runners. I am a runner, a slow one, but still a runner. Like me, Paula is doing the London Marathon in 2015, and like me this is her final London! She hopes to do it in under 2:30, and I hope to do it in twice that time, 5:00. I agree with  Paula when she says  ‘I am just grateful that I can still run’

I did manage to fit in some training. On Monday I swam, followed by a free fitness age test at West London Physio with the lovely Cameron Tudor. My overall fitness age was 39, but on many of the tests my fitness age was between 20-29. Gave me a bit more confidence to get training, in spite of all the niggles I have all over my body. When I think about it I had plenty of niggles in my 20’s and I kept on running…and here I am now!

On Wednesday I ran with Fulham Running club for their 10 year anniversary run. I do not generally enjoy running in the evening, but it was an important occasion, and was made enjoyable by being able to run with Judith, who gave me tips from her marathon training days. We ran Putney and Hammersmith bridges, haven’t done that for a while, so it was good to realise I can still do it.

Thursday, I was back at the physio to see what could be done for my dodgy hip and hamstring.  The also lovely Kam  Sowman at  West London Physio was really quite positive and encouraging about the possibility of my completing a marathon and I came away feeling sore but with renewed belief that my body could cope.

Today, Friday I swam, did a pilates class and began my leg strengthening exercises in the gym.I feel my training is underway.



Saturday is always Park run day

#1 reason for doing the London Marathon: I said I would never do a marathon. I want to prove that it is ok to change your mind.

#1 fact about M.S: Multiple sclerosis is a neurological condition which affects around 100,000 people in the UK.

Saturday in our house always starts with Parkrun whenever possible.

It will be a great way to get a fast paced run into my training schedule, always looking to beat my P.B. of 26.01 for the 5k course (in my dreams)  It also means we get to go for coffee afterwards with a great bunch of runners of all levels. We share our injuries and race goals. I have already found a potential running partner for  longer runs in the future. I ran faster than I meant to today. It is my first run for a while, having rested my knee and hamstring, but I had to beat Sarah! (and I did)

photo 1

On the way to London 2015

I am doing the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April 2015. ( really …am I mad… Help!) So, I went to the Guoman hotel  by the Tower of London this afternoon to be part of the promo for next years London Marathon. Virgin money  are celebrating 5 years of sponsorship for the London Marathon. Richard Branson was there and London marathon director Hugh Brasher, but more importantly it was the first opportunity for me to meet other members of the MS Trust team….and it means I really am committed now! I have worn the T shirt and I have been in a photo…so I better start training. Actually, what I really need to do now is to get my left knee, right hamstring and my back in good working order so I can  start training in earnest! Also need to get my head around how I can fundraise effectively and have fun at the same time.   In future posts I will tell you about how my rehab is going, how my training gets underway and the many reasons  I have for finally decided to do a marathon, after always saying I would NEVER do one! mstrustphoto